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LG314 60s moonglow lucite two tone bangle bracelets

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I bought these vintage bangles 20 or more years ago and they've been stored away in a closet.

Cast square two tone cut back 60s moonglow lucite bangles in a variety of colors.  The bangles vary in width from 11/16" to 13/16" and have 2 1/2" wrist openings and 1/4" walls.

From left top

1) slate grey/dark rose

2) greenish gold/slate

3) gold/brown

4) gold/emerald

5) gold emerald

From middle top

6) gold/violet

7) gold/violet

8) gold/periwinkle

9) gold/periwinkle

From right top

10) gold/bright pink

11) olive/mustard

12) greenish gold/rose

13) gold/slate

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