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AB118 Lains wide Simplicity bakelite bangles

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Laminated bakelite bangles in navy changing to evergreen with a thin red stripe and purple edging on one side. These bangles were only manufactured for a short time in the early 2000's.  Printed on an inset applejuice tag is "Catalin Creations by Lains". "Simplicity 4 of 40 and 7 of 40".  "Summer 2001".

I don't know if all 40 were produced or not.  So these are rather rare and you won't see them often. 

The bangles are exquisitely constructed likely due to Mr. Lains being an engineer.  The bangles are hefty and measure 1 5/16" wide X 2 9/16" wrist opening X 5/16" wall thickness and are straight sided.

Both in excellent condition and priced separately