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BN101 iro urushi layered lacquer pendant

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This pendant is iro urushi (Japanese layered lacquer, Urushi is the sap from a staghorn sumac tree) but also have been known as camo bakelite or even Fordite (layers of oversprayed automotive paint). This pendant is reversible and measures about 1.5" X 2" at the widest with 3/8" thickness.  There are so many thin layers, it's hard to tell for certain how many but to me it looks to be around 20-25. Colors are several shades of green and brown, black, terra-cotta and butterscotch. 

It's easy to see how so many (including me!) thought these pendants and bangles were indeed bakelite and they certainly mix well with bakelite. Not sure of the age on this pendant but I've had it in my possession for 30+ years. 

Excellent condition